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RHS Heads

RHS heads a history starting from 1967 when the company began. The company was founded by the late Ivars Smiltnieks, who originated the company along with two others Bob Woodward and John McWhirter. The company was later joined by the Scooter Brothers who used to serve the fellow racers and had a good name in the racing industry. When the company was founded, there were far fewer manufacturers in the industry. So the RHS heads had an opportunity, that if they worked hard and dedicated their time on to it, they could become one of the best companies. They knew this and worked very hard and very soon they started becoming very good seller. Ivars Smiltnieks was the person who made this company stand in the industry when there were few qualified racing cylinder heads companies. He with all others worked very hard in order to bring the company on top of all.
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From over thirty years the RHS heads has dominated the racing cylinder industry. The company was founded by the late Ivars Smiltnieks, along with the Bob Woodward and John McWhirter, but after the retirement of the Bob Woodward and John McWhirter in the 1980s the company was in the hands of Ivars Smiltneiks who became the solitary owner of the company. He worked very hard to make the company became the best company of the industry. His services to the company can’t ever be forgotten. He made the company the best by his dedication and courage. He worked hard and struggled a lot for bringing the company in the best name. Though when RHS heads started their operations there were very less companies in this business, but he dominated all those companies and made a brand name of this company which until now stays on the top of all others.
Most of the racers around the world prefer RHS heads as they are best in quality. most of the people say that racers only use them as the brand has a good and dominating image, but they are totally wrong as this is for sure and on the record that they produce the best product among all the companies. The quality of the RHS heads is the best of all and they are durable. A report that was carried out couple of years back shows that they produce the best racing heads among all and this is the reason that they are dominating the industry from several years until now.
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